Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Outstanding Academic Title 2009

The Politics of the Piazza has been awarded an Outstanding Academic Title 2009 by Choice the leading source for library-relevant book reviews in the United States. In his review David H. Sachs of Kansas State University describes The Politics of the Piazza in the following terms.

The book features an introduction and 14 historically ordered chapters arranged into four sections. Canniffe discusses the social, political, and economic conditions surrounding some of the most important public urban spaces of each historical era, and explains how these forces influenced the formation and evolution of each piazza. The book is thoroughly researched, appropriately referenced, precisely written, highly reliable, and genuinely insightful.


  1. From Anne Nolan at Ashgate:
    This is a great achievement - congratulations! Of course, this is not the first good review your book has received - there are more nice quotes on the Ashgate website...

  2. thats amazing... congratulations!!..
    i ve been so lucky and proud to be a student of yours...xx

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